Help & FAQs


Q. How many cards will the CG1 hold?

     A. Card thicknesses vary, some have raised numbers some don't, the average is between 7 and 10.

Q. What holds the cards from falling out of the CG1?

     A. The CG1 has patent pending internal spring that is designed to hold 1-10 cards

Q. Does the CG1 block RFID signals?

     A. Yes, the Aluminum model blocks RFID scanning, and we are working on a method to block RFID with the Carbon-fiber model.

Q. How much does the CG1 weigh?

     A. Aluminum is approx. 4oz and the Carbon-fiber is approx. 2.8oz

Q. Does the CG1 come in different thicknesses?

     A. No, but we offer different size spacers that can be purchased from our site.

Q. Can I get my CG1 engraved?

     A. Yes please contact us at